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Address Info

6313 HWY 90 East
New Iberia, LA 70560
PH: (337) 608-9013
Fax: (337) 560-4850
State Lic.# 54206

State Licensed

Building Construction
Highway, Street and Bridge Const
Heavy Construction
Municipal/Public Works Const.
Demolition Work


Site Development:

Excavating and site development similar to the rest of our services is executed by an equipment fleet of the latest generation. This includes the very latest in both GPS survey equipment and GPS automated machine control systems. Private and public developers also benefit from Southerns’ ability to self-perform most of the trades, if not all, saving developers both management time and construction costs. Excavation and site development is another facet of Southerns’ which uses its resources of management, professionalism and commitment to produce results above expectations.

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