Welcome to Southern Constructors, LLC


Address Info

6313 HWY 90 East
New Iberia, LA 70560
PH: (337) 608-9013
Fax: (337) 560-4850
State Lic.# 54206

State Licensed

Building Construction
Highway, Street and Bridge Const
Heavy Construction
Municipal/Public Works Const.
Demolition Work


Concrete Paving:

Another popular service that Southern provides is site paving. With superior equipment and personnel, Southern has the depth to perform new concrete installations as well as patch work that entails saw cutting, demolishing and disposing of existing concrete and replacing with new concrete.

Furthering Southern’s capabilities as a full service infrastructure contractor, it has proven capabilities in concrete paving commercial parking lots as well as driveways and sidewalks. In addition, Southern has the organization and manpower necessary to construct paving on residential projects that include thousands of linear feet of sidewalk and hundreds of individual driveways.

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