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6313 HWY 90 East
New Iberia, LA 70560
PH: (337) 608-9013
Fax: (337) 560-4850
State Lic.# 54206

State Licensed

Building Construction
Highway, Street and Bridge Const
Heavy Construction
Municipal/Public Works Const.
Demolition Work


Clearing and Grubbing:

Clearing is the first step in the development process, and quite often sets the tone with the regulatory agencies for the rest of the project. Southern will help evaluate each site and determine the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible method of preparing it for site work construction. Regardless of what clearing / grubbing method is chosen, Southern has the resources and the ability to make it happen.

Southern is well equipped to perform clearing and grubbing operations ranging from miles of right of way clearances to small residential properties in need of land clearing prior to site preparation. Southern’s experience with clearing & grubbing consist of the felling, trimming, and cutting of trees into sections and disposal of the trees and other vegetation designated for removal, including downed timber, snags, brush, and rubbish occurring within areas to be cleared. We also specialize in the removal and disposal of stumps and roots from designated grubbing areas. We have a full line of land moving/ clearing equipment that consists of dozers, excavators, backhoes, tractors, scrapper pans, skid steer/track loaders, dump trucks, chain saws and a variety of equipment implements needed to tackle rigid work orders.

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